Registered Charity No: 702348
We are a small charity operating one 12 seater minibus, providing trips for elderly people who cannot access public transport in the Gosforth & Kenton area of Newcastle upon tyne. 
 We have  a committee of 4 and a team of volunteer drivers and escorts
Your Committment
* As little or as much as you want to give. *
Our trips are either  morning or afternoon although some groups do book the bus for the whole day.
Most  drivers & escorts  do a regular trip once or twice a month but  we also need people who don't want a regular committment but are willing to cover when people are on holiday or ill, if they are available.
A monthly e mail to all drivers and escorts just before the strart of each month confirms trips.
Contact Margaret Gillon if you would like to get involved and want more information.
To be come one of our volunteer drivers, you need to be aged 25 - 69 and hold a driving licence with a D1 catagory.  All drivers are taken for a test run by our chairman to familise themselves with the minibus and for him to check their ability to drive a minibus.
All our trips to the library and the shopping trip to Asda have an escort to help people on and off the minibus and with their bags.
No qualifacations are needed to be an escort, just a willingness to help.