Registered Charity No: 702348

" A Potted History"

A public meeting in 1988 agreed that there was a need for a Community Minibus as the area had the highest concentration of elderly in the city.
After 2 years of fund raising the first minibus purchased was purchased for £15,428 and a team of volunteer drivers and escorts recruited together with a committee to oversee the organisation.The minibus had no full or part time paid workers and this is still the situation today.
The first trips brought people to Gosforth Library and these continue to flourish.Currently there are 2 monthly trips to Gosforth library.
Wyndley House was one of the first groups to hire the bus and to this day still use the bus on a regular basis.
In 1998 a replacement bus was purchased, the money being raised by the committee, with the support of Counsellor Diane Packham, from donations from various charitable trusts.
In 2004 Trevor Harris took over as Chairman from Colin Moore who became the secretary and Ron French became the treasurer. At this time there were 15/16 volunteer drivers.
As well as the library trips, the bus is hired by care homes, nursing homes and community groups to take elderly and infirm out for the morning or afternoon and on occasions the whole day.
A third bus was purchased in 2006 for £26,000 using £10,000 from our own savings together with donations from various charitable trusts.
Currently the committee o perate, on a monthly basis, 2 library trips, 2 shopping trips and 6 trips for community groups.From March to October the bus is also booked byother groupsfor trips to the coast and places of interest.
For the past 30 years the minibus has allowed elderly/ infirmedpeople to get out of their homes and to meet liked minded people socially.
We pride ourselves of being independent of regular funding, being able to cover our running costs from the hire charges and also saving some money each year towards a replacement vehicle.
We took delivery of our 4th 12 seater  minibus on 1st August 2015  to enable us to continue   to provide trips for  the community of Gosforth which was again purchase with the help of donations from various charitable trusts.